Saturday, 21 January 2012

Waiting for Winter

I don't like driving in snow, I don't like walking into town in the snow but I do like the hills in snow.  After the last two years I was planning to get out in the cold and maybe do a spot of wild camping.  My Microspikes proved their worth last year making dangerous paths passable with ease.

The weather so far has been a let down, in some ways the last two years have been an exception rather than the rule.  For the lower levels in England it's been back to normal, but the higher hills have also lacked any snow.  Maybe I'll have to venture to the real north and hit the hills in Scotland, though I've heard they are a bit steep...

Judging by the clearance prices on sledges, snow shovels and de-icer I'm guessing the supermarkets have also over estimated the vagaries of the UK weather.  The only thing you can guarantee about the weather is that it will be wrong!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hard at work

A bit of cold for the winter, finally!  Might be a bit chilly but at least it brings clear skies.  Night shifts can drag a little and whilst usually hard at work, it's nice to take 10 minutes on the roof stargazing.  Whilst we aren't in the darkest part of the work, it's not a bad location.  On a good night the milky way is clear and on a better night a bit of meteor action.

The best nights I've had (for stars!) have been in the USA, where it's much easier to get away from the ever present light pollution.  That being said the last proper meteor storm I saw was a mind blowing experience that left you lost for words longer that 1 syllable, wow being most common.