Thursday, 29 August 2013

#19 Thurleigh Loop

11.74 Miles
69 Metres

A new walk, finally!  I've been trying to push up the mileage a bit recently, in some ways to make up for a lack of hills and ascent.  Admittedly this walk was flatter than I had thought, with 69 metres of total ascent.  The plan was simple, park on the airfield (I work there) and walk round the outer perimeter.  There is a bridleway that covers pretty much the whole distance of 9 miles, but by parking the car within the perimeter I added close to 3 miles to the total distance.

The old control tower
The path on the whole was wide and well kept.  A few areas of brambles to watch out for but generally good.  All those brambles meant there is a good mile of blackberries round the route, unfortunately they are about a week or two off ripening.  I might come back and walk and feast.  There were a lot of them, and with the path so quiet I could get a good crumbles worth!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

#13 #14 #15 Deja Vu!

OK I really need to plan a few new walks! 

#13 Twinwoods + Yarls Wood (with cow diversion) 11.08 miles and 194 metres.
#14 Twinwoods (with cow diversion) 8.03 Miles and 143 metres.
#15 Twinwoods 7.52 miles and 125 metres.

The main excitement was avoiding a field full of cows.  Now I'm not usually bothered by cows but this lot seemed a bit too interested in me.  A mixture of cows and calves at dusk?  Rather just avoid it really!  Other than that the main interest was the harvesting of the rapeseed and wheat.  Ploughed fields and footpaths don't always mix well.  At least it's dry! 

New routes this week I promise... for my sanity if nothing else!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Challenge Update

After a strong start in June, things fell apart slightly in July.  Work and a lazy arse led to a poor month.  I wasn't inactive in the month (ave. 12,000 step a day), I just didn't get out on that walks I wanted. 

June -
82 miles and 1063 metres ascent.

July -
16 miles and 258 metres ascent.

As you can see it's well below the averages needed. 

Expect August to get things back on track.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

#12 Twinwoods

7.52 Miles
125 Metres

Ahem, it's that Déjà vu feeling.  Sight change to the ordinary in the fact I did the walk after sleeping all day and before the next night shift.  Time restraints mean that this walk is going to be a lot more common than I want.   I feel the need for some hills, yes I did just say that!