Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#11 Twinwoods

7.52 Miles
125 Metres

Yep it's the same local walk.  I really need a few variations on this, but for now it does it's job of getting me out in the sun.  Ok the sun was hidden by cloud, ominous dark foreboding clouds but I'm sure it was out there somewhere.  I finished work at 8 in the morning so spent most of the day in bed, this walk fits in well.

Monday, 8 July 2013

#10 Thurleigh to Milton Ernest

4.36 Miles
48 Metres

Well after walking in last night, I have to walk home today.  It was surprisingly cloudy but after yesterdays heat was pleasant.  I was, it has to be said, very tired.   I'm not sure If I'll ever walk all the way home.  The 9 miles are not a problem, it's just how tired I am!  Even a fresh breeze didn't seem to wake me up.  I had intended to do the same walks again for tonight's nightshift, but I'm just too tired.  Off to bed!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

#9 Milton Ernest to Thurleigh

4.36 Miles
85 Metres

Sunny Day? Check.  Need to do a walk? Check.  Due in work to do a night shift? Doh!  12 hour shifts are a killer for various reason, a big one is the fact that it's really hard to do anything apart from sleep and go to work.  Walking from home is an option and I'm lucky that following the footpaths I could get to work in about 9 miles, however walking into work (3 hrs), a 12 hour night shift, then walking home (3 hrs) is tough.  In fact, I'd go so far to say I might do it once to prove I can, then file it under zombie sleep walking.

Wind tunnel site
Option 2 is to walk from a convenient mid-point.  It just so happens there is one from Milton Ernest.  I can park the car and be walking into work about 1.5 hrs later.  We have a shower in work so with some forward planning (shower stuff, towel), I don't have to carry that much.  Well that was the idea, laptop, food, change of clothes, etc, meant that the pack ended up in the 7kgs range!