Sunday, 18 August 2013

#13 #14 #15 Deja Vu!

OK I really need to plan a few new walks! 

#13 Twinwoods + Yarls Wood (with cow diversion) 11.08 miles and 194 metres.
#14 Twinwoods (with cow diversion) 8.03 Miles and 143 metres.
#15 Twinwoods 7.52 miles and 125 metres.

The main excitement was avoiding a field full of cows.  Now I'm not usually bothered by cows but this lot seemed a bit too interested in me.  A mixture of cows and calves at dusk?  Rather just avoid it really!  Other than that the main interest was the harvesting of the rapeseed and wheat.  Ploughed fields and footpaths don't always mix well.  At least it's dry! 

New routes this week I promise... for my sanity if nothing else!

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