Monday, 1 October 2012

A Personal Challenge

Blatantly taken from others on the Internet I have decided to do a personal challenge.  It's a way of motivating myself and to also get in a little better shape.  So I enjoy hiking/walking/trekking, call it what you want, so the obvious thing is a walking challenge.

Therefore I have decreed that, in the next 48 weeks (till 1st September 2013) I will do 100 walks to meet a target of a total of 700 miles and 20,000m of ascent.  I will also spend 40 nights under canvas (OK more likely Silnylon...).

Basic rules -

- Minimum walk is 3 miles, anything less is just a stroll.
- No walks to the shops, sight seeing, etc are counted.
- Walks to be predominately in the countryside/off road. i.e footpaths, bridleways, country lanes.
- I choose whatever walks I want, no restrictions on doing the same route over and over (would get boring mind!).
- I can do as many separate walks in a day as I want (though they have to be separate, not before and after McD's...)
- Long distance trails counts as multiple walks (4 day LDT = 4 walks).
- To count I must do a trip report/blog.
- Mileages and ascent taken from GPS/Getamap/bikehike or the best I can calculate if abroad.

Why by September 1st?  Well I have something planned for then that this would feed into nicely.
Why now?  I'm going away to USA in a week so I will get a good headstart (cheating? or Good planning?).

It averages out at 2 walks a week at 7 miles with 200m of ascent.  I think it's a tough target with the bulk taking place in winter and especially as some walks round here can give ascents of 5m!


  1. A few years ago, we set ourselves an annual target with a few ground rules - much as you ahve done here. Applied with some common sense, it can be quite a motivational tool.

    We now aim for around 700 miles a year on "proper" walks - although I have absolutely no idea about our annual ascent total as - by and large - I never log it regularly!

    Good luck, and hope the motivation holds!

  2. I take note of ascents in planning as I struggle with that much more than mileage. Be interesting how I get on! If nothing else more regular trip reports!

  3. I quite like the sound of this. I'm interested to see how you get on. I hope you enjoy the US of A too.

  4. Enjoying the USA a lot. 7 hikes done. Not always great mileage but it's still hot in many places! 2 hikes at the grand canyon today, bit sore now!