Saturday, 12 January 2013

#15 A short wander to Gratham

#15 A short wander to Gratham

Distance - 3.02 Miles
Ascent - 30 Metres

Well this was meant to be a full lap of the Water (9 miles ish) but descended into farce.  I had intended to get there around 10, have lunch halfway round and back in the car for about 13.30.  As it happens I got there at 13.00 giving me just enough daylight to do the lap without a break.  So I was rushed before I got there.

My GPS then died in the carpark.  I had no other map but it was fairly obvious where to go, I mean just keep the water on your left, easy.  Which is fine, unless you are meant to stick to footpaths not just dog walking tracks know by locals. 

On top of this the path I followed was very wet and muddy.  I had in my head a vague memory that the footpath was good as it was also a cycleway, this is true where they follow the same route!  The beginning mile or so was horrible.  In the end I did a mile and a half and turned round, just fed up and wasn't enjoying it.  All my own fault, was late, rushed, no map and hadn't charged GPS (or so I thought).

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