Wednesday, 13 February 2013

When online shopping goes wrong

When online shopping goes wrong

I buy a lot of things online, too many things to be honest...  However it's very rare that I have a problem with an order, issues are usually with the courier employed by the store (looking at you Amazon).  However a recent order (OK not that recent as the story will show) has left me in a huff.

Back in October 2012 (about 20 weeks ago) I placed 2 orders for items that will form my new shelter.  The tent/shelter was from the USA and the inner from the UK.  I have still yet to see either, which is the frustration.  Yet in both cases there seems to of been unfortunate circumstances.

With the shelter, it's basically got lost between the USA and UK.  Not much I can do and the manufacturer is going to send out a new one (which is good service I think), and did so with out any quibbles.  I alerted the manufacturer on the 1st of Jan and he suggested waiting a few weeks to see if it been returned.  He has now offered a replacement as it's clear it has disappeared.  The extra bad news is that the colour I want is out of stock for 8-10 more weeks, I'm not having it in yellow!

The inner has also not arrived due to issues with manufacture.  Postings on other blogs mean I know why it's likely to be late, and it's a unfortunate circumstance that I know too well can effect all sectors of one's life.  I have sent emails enquiring what timescales we are now on, but yet to receive any reply.  I am hesitant to send more (3 emails since 1st Jan) as I don't want to be a pain and hassle the guy.  However it would be nice to at least get a reply, even if it is bad news.  I have no idea on timescales or even if it has also been shipped and lost. 

*Not naming names due to the issues being outside of there hands.  It's not their fault just very annoying for me.

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