Sunday, 14 April 2013

#22 Grafham Water Loop

#22 Grafham Water Loop

Distance - 8.82 miles
Ascent - 80 metres

After a few false starts I decided to try and get the full loop in.  On a nice day at the weekend I feared the worst as far as crowds go.  It turns out I was justified!  The first car park was full of bikers, with BBQ's etc (it's about the size of 3-4 football pitches, a big car park).  The second was taken over by the Riding for the Disabled.  And the third?  Nearly empty, phew!  Luckily Grafham has more parking than most town centres!

Almost like the Seaside
Starting from the opposite side of the Water, I decided to go clockwise for a change (oh I live on the edge!).  It was busy with bikers, walkers and families due to it being the weekend, but not that bad.  The path is pretty wide and generally caters for all!

Apart from a 10 minute rest I pretty much powered round the lake.  I was in work in the evening so had to get round and get home.  It's pretty flat and hardly taxing but at nearly 9 miles it's a good leg stretch.

I think I'll leave it till autumn before I come back again!  Unless I need a flat training run that is!

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