Sunday, 8 September 2013

Challenge Update - August

After a relatively poor July the wheels where firmly stuck back on in August.  However most of the walks were my 'usual's' and lacked variety.  It is good to be out and about ticking over a few miles though. 

August - 62.63 miles and 913 metres ascent.

July - 16.24 miles and 258 metres ascent.

June -  82.05 miles and 1063 metres ascent.

Need more hills to meet the challenge and to get ready for events next year.  Though it has to be noted that 160 miles (in 3 months) is more than what I did in 7 months from October 2012 to May 2013.  In fact in the 8 months before this challenged started I did a total of 213 miles, which will be surpassed in September this year (25 miles done already).

So all in all, much better than the last challenge, though I'm still missing days where I could of done more!

I have also made a few changes (minor) to the blog so I can post on the move (via an app) and post pictures without formatting issues.  Modern technology is great!


  1. Keep up the good work - it'll pay dividends in the end! :-)

    Bit by bit, we're having a good year too. Apart from holiday weeks, nothing massive in one go, just a steady accumulation of miles from here, there and everywhere. But we have just passed the 600 mile mark (since Jan 1) and look set to have our best ever annual total.

  2. My individual mileages have improved too, so a few more in double figures. Need to get a bit more consistent and a few more hills! I may resort to doing a route which goes up and down a local hill for a boost. Will have to see how it goes with the winter!

  3. Sometimes, if we are doing a hilly holiday and haven't access to big hills, we do an "up and over twice" training walk. I know there aren't that many decent hills in and around Beds - Northants is much the same - but somewhere like the Chilterns, perhaps, might provide enough steep climbs to do twice in one walk - or even three times! Ivinghoe Beacon, for example.

  4. I got some hills in this week! Went back up Snowdon!