Sunday, 9 March 2014

The stupidity of pushing on

Title says it all really.  Popped out for a short 9 miles today, mainly to free up the muscles after Friday.  I was a little achy but not too bad considered.  I have some new shoes from Keen so a short walk to break them in a little seemed a good idea.

2 miles later and the familiar feeling of a blister forming on the right heel should of had me turning round (my Merrel Moabs do the same the first couple of times out).  But oh no, that would be too sensible.  The idea of cutting short a 9 mile walk was too much.  So I pushed on, another mile.

I then realised I had a first aid kit!  I always carry it so might as well use it.  Out came the compeed.  This should of been a patch to get me home, but again I pressed on.  I soon came to my senses and turned home.  I now have a nice blister just in time for my trip to Wasdale.  Stupid.   

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