Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tengbouche to Dingboche

Today had a gentle start, dropping down from Tengbouche to the village of Debouche.  The path was mainly through woods dropping down to an old bridge across the river.  This fairly substantial bridge collapsed last year in the monsoon, so we carried on down lower to cross a temporary wooden bridge.

This section of the path is prone to landslips and rock falls, so there was no pausing or rest stops!  After the wooden bridge the path climbed steeply to regain some of the lost height.  Ama Dablam is again the biggest and most majestic mountain looking over us.

The path is climbing constantly, but as it is not as steep, progress is better and ‘easier’.  I had yet to feel any effects from the altitude, no headaches or sickness, so I was feeling pretty good.  We stopped in the village of Shomare for lunch.  The landscape was changing and it was noticeable for the lack of trees and the bushes were getting smaller and sparser.

At Shomare we were officially above 4000m! The path again climbs constantly and it didn’t seem or feel  too long before we arrived at Dingboche.   The temperatures dropped again and snow was in the air, but it held off until we arrived. 

Dingboche sits at 4410m and is nestled in a valley surrounded by high peaks.  Stunning doesn’t seem to cover it.

Another good day, and for me it wasn’t as hard as some of the previous days. 

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