Monday, 5 May 2014

Everest - I have been on a wander up a big hill

It’s fair to say that this trip was one on the best ever.  Stunning views, great company, challenges, tough, rewarding and fun.  It was all I wanted and more, helped by the fact I actually exceeded my personal goals. 

The trip was well organised and well-paced.  We were lucky in that the group was happy with a similar pace, no racing snakes!  We were also fairly lucky with the weather, most days were good and fairly warm.  I was also lucky in that I had minimal issues with the altitude, in fact most days I didn’t notice it.  I was blowing hard on the steep sections, but nothing more than I do back home!

The country is stunning and every day the views changed, from lush green valleys to barren glacier.  The people are friendly and fun. 

The teahouses are mainly basic but great value.  Some now offer en-suite rooms, and competition for trekkers is driving up standards all the time.  The food served (on the whole) was great, and no one had any real tummy issues, despite eating meat most days.  I recommend the Yak steaks!

Highlights –

Ascending Kala Pattar at 5545m.  Hardest thing I have ever done. 
Two nights camping at the Everest base Camp. 

Lowlights –
The tragic disaster a few days before we got to EBC.  16 Sherpas killed in an Icefall.   Obviously it lkeft EBC with a strange atmosphere

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