Saturday, 17 December 2011

2011 highlights Part 2

Festivals and music were yet again big this year. Levellers in Bedford, Mumfords in Wimbledon, Acrade Fire in Hyde Park, Foo Fighters in MK, Latitude in Suffolk and Anna Calvi in Shepherds bush. Didn't see as many bands as other years but was still a good year.

Arcade Fire were quite fantastic in Hyde Park, along with Mumfords, Beruit and the Vaccines. People at the back complained it was too quiet but 20-30 rows from the front and it sounded pretty good to me! The Foo Fighters in MK was a great show, Biffy Clyro got the vast crowd going and Dave Grohl and the Foos took it to another level. I first saw the Foos in 1995, they have got a tiny bit bigger since then!.

Latitude was a damp affair, but the tent and waterproof handled it with ease. The Outwell Nevada M (with extension) may of been a tad big for 2 but luxury whilst the majority of festival goers were using pop up or Argos specials. Dry - Yup, get changed standing up - yup, sit under extension and barbecue in the rain - yup. See a bit of camping was done!

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