Saturday, 17 December 2011

2011 Highlights Part 1

Walks were few are far between in 2011, mainly due to laziness and a fear of hills and rain. One of the best walks in 2011 involved both. The last week in March saw James and myself driving down to Newquay for a few days on the South West Coast Path (SWCP). Using a combination on Hostels, Premier Inns, Buses and dumping the car in Newquay, we could do 3 nice days along the SWCP from Padstow to Perrenporth.

First day was a bus ride from Newquay to Padstow and a 12(ish) mile walk to Treyarnon Bay YHA. The day started well with the bus breaking down, but James was in his zone, as a mechanic he loved diving into the engine armed with nothing more than a Swiss Army Knife. I obviously stood back and tried to nod in the right places..yeah it's obviously a broken grommet on the water flange...pffft so obvious...

Considering neither of us had done any walks of any note I think we did OK, being fueled by pasties and in good weather. It was my first time in A Youth Hostel and was pleasantly surprised. Decent food and a bar, yes a bar with cider...might of had a couple...just to recover of course.

Second day had the twin evils of rain and hills, by hills I mean anything with a slope, we also had 14 miles to walk to Newquay. It rained all morning and was to be honest a bit grim. However once the sun broke out it was a lovely afternoon. All went better than expected till about a mile away from the hotel when the legs had a moment and went on strike. Legs stiffened up badly. Today was fueled by ice creams and Ibuprofen.

Third day was supposed to be a 12 miles (ish) wander to Perranporth, where we we would catch the bus back to Newquay. The weather turned to rain just before Crantock and the will to live was blown away between Porth Joke and Holywell bay. Quite literally blown away as the wind was strong enough to lean into and made the day much more draining than it should be. I bailed out at Holywell Bay as I was knackered, sore, achy...James completed the whole walk but didn't see the need to brag about it... Today was again fueled by Ibuprofen.

A good few days but lack of fitness or preparation made it harder than it should of been. Losing the ability to walk down stairs due to leg stiffness was a clue

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