Sunday, 5 February 2012

Abort Abort

After a few days off doing absolutely nothing I decided to do a short walk along the Great Ouse and the River Ivel, about 7 miles (give or take).  However due to being badly organised I didn't start the walk until 15.50, so I only had an hour before dusk.  In the end I wandered down from Great Barford to Roxton Lock along the Great Ouse.  It was a bit chilly, overcast and a bit miserable.  Snow was on the way and it seemed that everyone and everything had hunkered down for the night.

Saying all that it was a nice 2 and a half miles there and the same back, as opposed to the full 7 mile loop.  It was getting dark before I got back to the car and the snow started 15 mins after.  As walks go it was a bit pathetic in length, but still good to get out and about!

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