Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Deja Vu

Ever get the feeling a walk will never happen?  After the last failed attempt to do a 7 mile loop round Great Barford, Tempsford and the Great Ouse, I attempted the walk yet again.  And yet again events conspired to work against me.  This time a call after 2 and a half miles from the landlords plumber forced the change!   Takes him weeks to come round... and now he calls!

Made it slightly further this time and actually managed to make it over the Great Ouse!  Another overcast day made the surroundings surprisingly dreary with most things appearing beige.

The path is pretty good until the lock, where there was short section of wet claggy clay muddyness on an angle.  Nothing that hardcore walkers can't overcome it just made your boots twice their original weight and size!

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