Monday, 20 August 2012

Been a while...

Been a while...

Well I've not been doing much apart from working and getting fat (ter), so today was the start of 7 weeks of walking before my holiday in the USA.  I was thinking of doing the Bright Angel trail in the Grand Canyon, but looking at the ascent involved I'm having second thoughts.  It's not a stupid amount of ascent and shouldn't be too hot in October but I'm chunky and hills are evil.

So last week I had a few wanders on the moors above Whitworth, Lancashire and had a nice walks around Brown Wardle and Cowm Reservoir.  I didn't feel to bad apart from a midge attack that has left me itching bites for a week.

Today was mainly spent sleeping (finished work at 7am) so I fancied a shortish walk in the sun.  The 5 miles along the River Great Ouse was the choice as it is easy, involves no navigation issues and is quite nice.

Pity it didn't turn out that way.  After about mile the path was blocked by log/felled tree on a bridge (quite random) and then head high thistles and waist high nettles.  I was in shorts so the path soon became impassable and was abandoned to walk in the field (the corn had been cut so nothing was trampled).

The next section goes between a house and the river, with the path following a narrow flat area between a fence and the drop off to the river.  This was completely blocked by nettles.  So I turned back and the 5 mile walk came in at just under 2.  It really peed me off, if I was in trousers I might of gone for it.  As it was I skulked away back to whence I came. 


  1. Good to see you back again.

    You mention the Bright Angel trail - do you have a section in mind? I'v done the bit from the Grand Canyon Village (the start) down to Indian Garden and on to Plateau Point - a lookout point above the river. It's not too bad, although you need to be slightly careful in that your energy is expended in reverse to normal hill-walking ie: the harder bit last!

    I've not been all the way down to the river, though.

  2. It's that section I was looking at. I've walked sections of the rim trail before, but never down into the canyon. The temps should be OK in October, It will be mainly my fitness. I think it's approx. 900m of ascent, the only problem is that it's all in one go at the end rather than the start!

  3. That pretty much sums it up!

    From what I recall, it took us about 8-9 hours (I can't remember exactly) for the round trip. And - again only from what I recall - the descent/ascent is a bit more than you said - perhaps about 1200m or so. The key things are a) Liquids, b) temperature and c) the climb out. The track is reasonably well graded and pretty clear!

    We started about 7.30am - recommended, as you will benefit from the early cool (in April it was a frosty morning on the rim) - much easier to deal with than the 30C temps we experienced at Indian Garden!

    Also, roughly speaking, allow double the time to get back as you take to get down.

    Finally, take plenty of water. There is some at Indian Garden - usually! When we went, supply there wasn't guaranteed. But it was available when we got there.

    Other than that, enjoy!

  4. Thanks!

    I've got day walks in Yosemite (love the place), Zion, Arches and Bryce canyon too. Maybe I'll do the John Muir Trail 1 year...