Thursday, 6 September 2012

Old Familiar

Great Barford - Roxton Locks - Great Barford

Distance - 5.28 Miles (8.5Km)
Time Taken - 1Hrs 40mins
Ascent - 5m (really!)

Summer finally coincided with a few hours of spare time and it was off to the River Ouse. I only had 2 hours to get a walk in and and get home to get ready for work (lovely 12 hour night shift).  The walk to Roxton has become a bit of a go-to walk, I don't need a map, it's flat and the parking is easy and free.  I really need a dog to gain the full advantage but it serves for now as a way of getting a few miles in.

Roxton Locks
It has seemed like summer has passed me completely by.  Events like Latitude Festival seemed months away yet they have been and past for the year.  After I attempted this walk a few weeks ago the council had been out and cut down the nettles and thistles that blocked the path.  In the sun the river was relaxing and the wildlife was out in force, they must like the sun too.

It's a really!

As per usual on a Bedfordshire walk I saw no one else on the path.  It's a named route, the Ouse Valley Way and is publicised but still very quiet.  It's nice for walking alone but sometimes the odd hello would be nice too!

The path is a nice easy walk along the river and is really nothing more than a stroll.  I need to pick up the mileage, a lot and throw in some hills, or America will be an achefest supplemented by ibuprofen.

Fit a horse through there...I dare you!

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