Friday, 21 February 2014

John Muir Trail – Outline Plan

The John Muir Trail (JMT) requires a certain amount of planning due to its location and the logistics involved.   For an overseas visitor you have extra issues to deal with, such as where to fly to, buying food in country, transport and accommodation before and after the trek.  On top of that there is the usual issues and saving enough money and booking time off work. 

My current plan involves me being in the USA from the 31st Aug to the 2nd Oct with 21 days on the trail, including any rest days.  My plan is to have at least 1 rest day at either the Muir Trail Ranch (MTR) or the Vermillion Valley Resort (VVR).  My preferred starting point is from Glacier Point, but the permit system restricts trailheads so I might have to go with whatever I get.

The Glacier point trailhead means I will likely spend the first night off the JMT.  I have walked this section (Panorama trail -from Glacier Point to Nevada Falls) and the ‘normal’ JMT route via Happy Valley to Nevada falls (Mist Trail and JMT) before.  The Mist trail is steeper, more steps and a lot busier with day hikers, in some sections there can be queues depending on the time of day.

The Panorama trail is generally much quieter and is slightly easier in terms of the elevation gain.  It would mean a short 1st day and would then give me 19 days (+ 1 rest) to cover 220 miles at an average of about 12 miles a day.  This seems reasonable to me at this time and gives a nice balance of walking and appreciating where I am.

Rough plan –

1 day to fly to San Francisco.
2 full days in San Francisco – buying supplies and posting to resupply points.  
1 day to travel to Yosemite (Bus, Train to Merced, Bus to Yosemite).
1 day in Yosemite Valley (Day out to Tuolumne meadows to drop off a resupply?)
21 days on the JMT.
2 days to travel from Whitney Portal to San Francisco.
5 full days in San Francisco, eating pizza, burgers, Alcatraz, buying half of REI and general tourism!
1 day flying home. 

As I have 5 days free at the end I have a little contingency time for if I take longer or I do not get the permits on the days I want.  The plan is subject to change!

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