Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why am I enjoying this?

10.87 Miles
363 Metres Ascent


It’s past 6pm.   Sunset was over an hour ago.   The wind is gusting to 40mph.  It is 4°C without adding the wind-chill and it’s raining.  Why am I walking across the moors above Whitworth?  And why am I enjoying this?
I was back on familiar turf above Whitworth and Watergrove, after spending a good part of the day driving.  I had planned something longer, but my usual lateness was compounded by a strict home by 7pm deadline (When your mum tells you your tea will be on the table at 7, it’s the sort of deadline you can’t afford to miss!).

I got out after 4 and swiftly hit the Pennine Bridleway.  Despite being very wet progress was good and the light didn’t fade too badly till well after 5.  The wind was strong and a few gusts caught the rucksack like a sail, propelling me side to side.  But it was fun.  I was the only idiot out here.  And it was fun.
For once I was wearing waterproof bottoms so stayed pretty dry.  Full marks to the Berghaus Paclites.  Lower marks for the frustrating Rab Latok.   The pockets leak, the zip leaks, things that a waterproof should do well.  I only wore a Rab MeCo120 baselayer and the coat and was warm enough, even though it was 4 degrees.

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