Friday, 15 August 2014

Tetris and the Bear Can

My food plan looked great on paper. So I decided to try packing my food for my first section, from Glacier Point to Reds. 7 days on the trail, with 5 full days of food. Weighs in at 3.6kgs (7.94lbs). I couldn't fit it in...

Anybody good at Tetris? 

(Yes I am repacking the Porridge oats!)


  1. Ainsley Harriot the food of adventurers! Porridge in individual bags, just clean a bowl each day. Put a small hole in all the packets of food to expel any air. Last resort buy another barrel to stick excess food, you can also store non food items in it too - clothes etc so the net gain in pack size is unlikely to be much difference or the weight.

  2. Porridge will be in small bags. The bear barrel is nearly 1kg (empty) so taking 2 is too much. There is a carbon fibre bear can that's bigger but the same weight....

  3. What overall weight will you be carrying including water? Full pack weight...

  4. Have you checked that you'll be allowed to take all your food through customs? The yanks have got some mighty funny regulations about taking in some foodstuffs and confiscated some of ours that had dried meat in. Wasn't a big deal but we did have to unpack everything for them.

    1. I have read and re-read the rules.... ambiguous on some things! Beef and pork and definitely out. Chicken might be allowed (if cooked and canned), but freeze dry isn't on any list so its up to the guard.

      I'm taking Mountain house because its a US brand. Only taking 8 MH from UK, if they get confiscated so be it! It was worth a try. The rest I'll get in REI.

  5. Pack weight including 1.5 litres of water is 10.365Kgs.
    Meal Pack 1 = 3597 - Pack = 13.962kgs
    Meal Pack 2 = 2623 - Pack = 12.988Kgs
    Meal Pack 3 = 4866 - Pack = 15.231Kgs

    Pack might get heavier.... Kindle + different camera... choices!

  6. It fits! After a repack (Can on its side, makes it easier to stack!) it now all fits it. Well nearly, haven't repacked the oatmeal, but now confident it will fit in. Also haven't repacked the MH or rice crackers. And also haven't left out the first days food. This gives me wriggle room.

    This means I now know it will fit with some extra room (toiletries, etc). Not sure about the 8-9 days from MTR though!

    I might spilt the food for the first section and post some Tuolumne. I need to take every chance to save myself some pain I think!