Friday, 22 August 2014

Oooh a kit list!

I'm close to finalising what I am going to take on my trip to the USA, recent weather has led me to consider a warmer sleeping bag.  Apart from that it's pretty final.  I'm sure a few odds and ends will sneak in to drag the weights higher!

The Odds and ends
I am also in a dilemma over the camera I am taking.  I'm very tempted to take the Panasonic GH3, mainly due to the dark skies and the opportunities that creates.

I'm going fairly lightweight, with the final base weight to be about 9kgs, which is pretty good considering that the Bear can weights 1 kg on its own!

The spare and warmer clothes

Full kit list is there.


  1. Wow uber light pack weight! No M & S picnic mat? It's not just any old mat you know....

  2. It's pretty much as low as I could go. 8Kgs without the bear barrel is pretty good!