Thursday, 4 September 2014

Glacier Point to Little Yosemite Valley

9.38 Miles
377m Ascent 

After a restless night’s sleep (it was too warm!)  I caught the bus up to Glacier Point to start my adventures. The plan had been changed the day before after getting my Wilderness Permit.  I had planned to have an easy day (partly to help acclimatise) and have a 4 mile walk down to Illilouette creek.  However, the ranger had pretty much insisted that I head straight to Little Yosemite Valley.

The change added around 5 miles to the day and a good increase on elevation.  I underestimated how warm it is in the valley, this despite previous visits at similar times in the year.  My thermometer was above 30 degrees for most of the day.  It hit me hard.  I was using Nuun on every drink, and by having a Sawyer squeeze I had plenty of water.

The day mostly followed the Panorama trail, a great day walk that I recommend.  The first couple of miles are pretty much all downhill, with great views across illilouette falls and over to Half Dome.   During this decent I had the opportunity (!) to use my first aid kit.  A lady had fallen and had a nasty cut to the head.  Others had already done the basics but my kit had the magic all-purpose duct tape! 

At illilouette falls I had a paddle to cool the feet before heading uphill.  Whilst not the steepest or longest uphill, it was hard work in the heat.  Heading over the hill I headed down to Nevada Falls for another rest.  More uphill followed up to Little Yosemite Valley. 

The campsite at Little Yosemite Valley was a fairly strange affair.  It was pretty busy and you just found a vacant spot.  As a solo camper it felt like I was invading someone else’s ‘turf’.  In the end I found an OK spot and met some nice people.  Maybe it’s the reserved Englishness that I didn’t want to just go bowling in? 

Water was found in the river a few minutes’ walk away.  No running water from now on!


  1. Want to see the rest of this - it's a route I'd love to do sometime! Chrissiedixie

  2. Day 2 is up now. Hopefully will get a few more done over the day. It really is an amazing area to walk in.

  3. I'm dribbling! Wanted to do the JMT last year but couldn't get a permit. I'll follow you with interest!