Thursday, 1 November 2012

#3 Navajo and Queens Garden Loop, Bryce Canyon

#3 Navajo and Queens Garden Loop, Bryce Canyon, USA

Distance - 3.1 Miles
Ascent - 170m

A short drive from Zion is the Bryce Canyon National Park.  After the rain on previous days we had to visit here straight after Zion.  So 2 hikes in the day.  The Canyon (which isn't actually a canyon) contains numerous rock formations known as Hoodoos.  Supposedly Hoodoos are men trapped in the rock, a bit of voodoo. 

Starting from Sunrise point the trail drops steeply along a number of switchbacks in between the high walls of Wall Street.  The rocks tower above you as the path drops and drops.  I enjoy the down sections but always have the nagging thought that at some point I will have to start going up again!
The walk is generally easy with well maintained trails (like most in national parks) and becomes quiet after the first section. 
Wall Street
The walk along the canyon bottom gives great views before ascending slowly up through Queens garden.  Due to the morning walk we had limited time, so it was a case of walk to the bottom and take a pic, then walk back out.  Would love to explore more.


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