Thursday, 1 November 2012

Challenge - 1 Month in

First things first, I'm behind already with the trip reports!  I will try and catch up before the weekend as I'm away for another week after that.

So how's it gone?  7 walks more than 3 miles completed.  I am behind on the averages though. 

1 month - 7 walks = 31.8 miles, 1518m ascent and 15 nights camping.

Target Average for month Actual
Walks 9 7
Distance 63.3 miles 31.8 miles
Ascent 1820m 1518m
Camps 4 nights 15 nights

Need to up the distances really or else I will get too far behind already, though If I need to do 101 walks to hit the 700 miles then so be it!  Well up on the camping though which with winter approaching might be a good thing!  Saying that, I've already had one night under the stars at -6 and survived.

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