Wednesday, 14 November 2012

#7 Rim Trail, Grand Canyon

#7 Rim Trail, Grand Canyon

Distance - 4.8 Miles
Ascent - 50m

After an hours rest and a packet of jelly beans I decided I might as well have a wander along the Rim trail.  With a frequent free bus and shorts sections (mile or so) it meant I could walk as far as I felt with no pressure to reach the end or push past my sore calf.


Starting from Hermits rest the trail is a mix of dual use (cycletrack and path) and rough trails along the edge.  As expected it hugs the rim tightly and in places comes pretty close to the edge!  The views are great and the Colarado river seems so far away.

I felt ok in general, despite it being fairly warm but my calf was throbbing.  Knowing that I am going away again in a week or so was playing on my mind.  The views from Pima point and Monument creek vista were great, and just a small difference in location (a mile) gave a new different view into the canyon.  It just didn't get too 'samey'.

We got to Mohave point before I decided to bail out.  This calf was being a pain but there was no point in doing something worse.  Great walk though!

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