Saturday, 16 March 2013

#18 Edale to Hope

#18 Edale to Hope

Distance - 8.76 miles
Ascent - 605m

This time last year I was getting a tan on the SWCP, this year I'm in a tent and its a bit nippy outside!  I suppose that why we love the weather in the UK so much!  A few days in the peaks was much needed and an awful weather forecast was not going to hold me back!  I arrived late the night before and hardly slept with the rain pounding the tent, remarkably it was only a few spots the next morning.

That's where we are heading, up there...
The walk started fairly easily from the Fieldhead campsite to Barber Booth.  The hills where I was heading were covered in low cloud and along with the lack of sleep were not encouraging me along at any great pace.  Oh well at least I get to try out my waterproofs!

The walk soon begins to climb after Barber Booth up towards Chapel Gate.  I have walked this section before and it's fair to say I struggled up the hill.  It wasn't much different this time, except the path was slightly better, and didn't feel quite as long!  For the most part, whilst very wet, it wasn't that boggy.

Along Rushup Edge
Heading up Rushup Edge I got more into my stride and I soon hit the vantage point of Lords seat.  The clouds had raised and I had clear views of the whole valley,  Lose Hill looked pretty far away!  The path drops from Lords Seat down towards Mam Tor, narrowing to the closest you get to a 'ridge', its still pretty wide.

The Hope Valley from Lords seat
From Edale road there is a short but sharp climb up to Mam Tor.  As usual it was pretty busy but I found a nice rock and had lunch.  It was here that a miracle happened, the sun came out!  I was shocked as well!  Off came the waterproof and on came the softshell, it was still cold!

Towards Kinder
From Mam Tor the path is paved all the way to Hollins Cross.  This made for an easy walk, if a little busy.  After another climb the path drops towards a rocky climb up Back Tor.  The crowds had again disappeared, in fact Mam Tor was the only place I saw more than a couple of people.  Back Tor is nearly a scramble but the rocks make for good steps.

From Lose Hill, to Mam Tor and Rushup Edge
The last hill was in sight and the path probably the muddiest!  Lose Hill dominates this end of the 'ridge' and gives a great 360 degree view point across, Castleton, Hope and Edale.  I can see why this walk is so popular in the summer, and blue skies would give a great view.

The path dropped into Hope and I was off to the pub to watch the wrong type of rugby and get a well deserved drink!


  1. Nice walk, that. And one that seems to work well with public transport. My loss, I know, but we always seem to do Mam Tor and the ridge from Castleton, and Edale when in Kinder mode. I might have a look at this for next time we are over that way.

  2. I enjoyed it but I think it might be busy on a good day! The track up Chapel Gate is a BOAT, but is currently closed to traffic for repair (not sure this is just a backdoor way of banning 4x4's...).

    The train back from Hope to Edale only takes 8 mins so it's pretty good, plus the guard couldn't be bothered to sell tickets so it was free!