Saturday, 9 March 2013

When online shopping goes wrong - Update

In good news, the shelter appeared!  Admittedly it appeared back in America but at least it was found.  The packaging suggests that Royal Mail attempted delivery, but no one collected it.  Probably because they forgot to ask me to go and get it... Of all the deliveries I got a Christmas (all with the correct cards posted through the door) they had to cock up on this one!

Ron at MLD posted it back again, so this week I received my Duomid.  I have entered the lightweight shelter world.  The way MLD dealt with an issue that was out of their hands (postage) was exemplary and couldn't be faulted, they re-posted it at no extra cost and answered all emails swiftly.

Unfortunately the inner is still, after 5 months, undelivered.  No answers to emails (1 a month as not to pester) and a text (as suggested on website), so I have no idea where it is, if it's in a queue, lost in the mail, lost in the production queue.... humph.

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