Sunday, 17 March 2013

#19 Edale to Jacobs Ladder

#19 Edale to Jacobs Ladder

Distance - 6.15 miles
Ascent - 459 metres

Ok I will admit at the start that this wasn't quite the full route planned!  The plan was to walk to Kinder Downfall and back, the weather was due to be rubbish and the idea was that this would give me a good walk whilst sticking to a good path for navigation and sinking.  As it was, my legs never got warmed up after yesterdays walk and in the back of my head I had the idea of going home early and taking the tent down in the dry.

Mam Tor and Rushup Edge
Following the Pennine Way, the path is well maintained and well marked.  The weather today was meant to be worse than the day before, however apart from being overcast it was fine, no rain or snow.  Kinder was to the right and it looked like the rain of the night had fallen as snow, and to the left we had great views of yesterdays walk.

Disappointedly the farm shop/café at Upper Booth was closed, so no ice cream!  The path steadily climbs towards Jacobs ladder along a mix of farm tracks and bridleway.  As expected in the area the views are great and it's fairly quiet at this time of year.  I was however trudging along, not really getting into my stride with legs of lead.

Possibly the muddiest section, remarkable with the weather.
Jacobs Ladder is a steepish section which heads up towards Kinder.  Crossing a picture perfect stone bridge you have 2 options, go left up a steady bridle path or right up a shorter but much steeper stone trail.  I chose the steeper option, well I was only going to do a token gesture as I had already decided to turn around.  I convinced myself to keep going a little more, then a little more.

Down the valley from Jacobs Ladder
At the next junction of the footpath and bridlepath I decided to turn back and went down the bridlepath to add some variation.  I could of plodded on, but the weather forecast for the next day helped convince me to head back and pack up.  Whilst not hitting all the planned targets, I had no regrets on the first camping trip of the year.  Hopefully a fair few more to come!

The well paved and obvious Pennine Way

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