Saturday, 11 May 2013

#29 Ramsden Road

#29 Ramsden Road

Distance - 5.43 miles
Ascent - 387 metres

Today was a short (ish) walk on the other side of the Whitworth Valley from yesterdays.  Walking up the Rake gets the blood going and also gets you on the tops pretty quickly.  In the sun it was quite warm, but as soon as you got on the open ground the strong cold wind kicked in.  On the way up the wind was behind me, battering my ears.  So hood up and onwards!

Whitworth Valley

Joining the Pennine Bridleway the path flattens out round the bottom of Brown Wardle, so a quite an easy coast along.   The path drops into Higher Slack Brook, along an old track way which looks so completely out of place.  The trackway would of crossed the brook to join up with Ramsden Road.  This old road joined a number of farmsteads before they were cleared when Watergrove Reservoir was built and the lower valley flooded.

 I only had 2 hours to get the walk in so I ended up turning round soon after.  It was a nice day and this walk opens up a number of future routes.

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