Friday, 31 May 2013

#32 & #33 Twinwoods and Manton Lane.

#32 & #33 Twinwoods and Manton Lane.

7.52 Miles
125 Metres

I am trying to get out and about more often, so using a few local walks seemed a no brainer.  This walk is mainly around arable fields and whilst I would never describe it as amazing, it is nice enough, and more importantly it's outside!

Yellow is so on fashion this season...

The paths on the whole are good and the field margins wide.  On a good day you do get decent views across Bedford with the twin hangers of Cardington clearly standing out.  Twinwoods itself is an old RAF base, and it's most notable claim to flame is that it's where Glenn Miller took off from before disappearing.

The basic route I take does offer a few side loops which I intend of taking over the next few months.  If nothing else to add miles on the route and to fulfil a quest to walk every footpath I can round Bedford.

At least the path was obvious...
It is noticeable that different farmers have different approaches to clearing a path through the crops.  One had just chopped the Rape at knee height leaving the stalks, which made for a tough section and was not the greatest!  Another went for a more scorched earth policy leaving nothing but bare ground to walk along, it was a tad better!

Now that's a path!
All in all its pleasant to just be outside with the sun and the birds singing (Sky larks are just quintessential but so much fun).

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