Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Challenge - Fail

Well it's becoming obvious (Ok it was obvious a while ago!) that I'm going to fail to hit my targets by September.  Even being very optimistic with the number of walks I can fit in between now and September, I'll still be quite a bit off!

At the end of June I had done 33 walks that qualified, leaving me 67 walks to do in 3 months...

On a positive note, the walks I had done averaged out at 6.45 miles and 278m per walk, which is pretty much on target.  I just didn't quite do enough.  I blame winter, but that's a bit of a poor excuse really and one that I allowed to grow.  I do own waterproofs(!), so I could of kept the walk numbers ticking over, leaving the miles to the nicer days.

Oh well.  Gives me a few ideas anyway.  Plus the 'event' that was planned in September is now a September 2014 plan, so maybe I need a new challenge?  Challenge MkII The Revenge?  Hmm planning...


  1. Challenges, targets - whatever you want to call them - can work in one of two ways. Either as a motivator or, if too distant, a disincentive!

    Obviously, it's good to push yourself, but not to the extent of spoiling the enjoyment. So you've almost certainly done the right thing, even if it doesn't quite feel like it.

    We once set ourselves a target that we struggled to reach. We got a bit fed up, and ended up dropping the challenge. Now we meet and beat that goal most years, done as and when we like. So sometimes, the best way to achieve something is to be driven by the enjoyment, not the target!

  2. The idea of the challenge was to give myself a reason to get out when I didn't necessary feel like it. I think the fact I was behind from the beginning, stopped that motivation being useful.

    The actual target was tough but achievable. The next is a bit harder, but that's with an eye on being half training, half enjoyment! Ok maybe more than half enjoyment!

    Next years big walks are BIG and need some serious walking in my legs to do them. Walks so far this month and planned will have me ahead from the start.