Sunday, 23 June 2013

#7 Norfolk Coast Day 4

Weybourne - Cromer

9.89 Miles
296 metres

After yesterday my feet were a tad sore, but walkable!  So instead of cracking on with the walk we decided to spend 2 hours in the tank museum next to the campsite!  The tank museam is a really good place, and a lot better tahn we expected.  Plenty of exibits and big tanks and a nice cafe for breakfast.  With our running trend of being lucky with the weather, we avoided a torential downpour that thundered on the roof.

As we set off it was lightly raining but nothing to bad, in fact the waterproofs were off after a mile.  The walk started back on the shingle for a very short distance before a steady climb up and along the cliffs.  The coastal erosion is readily apparent and in contrast to the well defended coast a few miles back.

The cliffs offer great views back along the coast and swift progress was made.  The few hills along this section stand out dramatically due to the general nature of the Norfolk landscape.  Great views can be seen from the coastwatcher look out point on ...  If it hadn't been so windy it might of been a good place for a break.

Dropping into Sherringham the weather again turned with a heavy shower drenching the town.  Luckily we was walking past an empty shelter on the prom as it started.  I told you we was lucky with the weather!  Sherringham was the biggest town on our walk (apart from Cromer) and was fairly busy with tourists, all hiding under any awning or alley way they could find.  Still munching on chips and ice creams mind you!

From Beeston Hill over Sherringham
Another short but sharp climb took us up Beeston Hill, another great vantage point with views for miles.  It's also the last part of coast to walk along until Cromer, despite being 4 miles away.  The path heads up beacon hill and into the woods.  I have to confess, I was flagging here, again my feet were hurting but I was also lacking energy and drive.  Maybe it was the pace we was going at, or the humid and warm weather or wrong foods, but whatever it was I was hitting a bit of a wall.

Towards Cromer
Through the woods the path soon emerges at Manor Farm.  I'd like to say that we had planned to camp here but we had basically driven along the main road on the thursday and seen a sign for a campsite.  We asked if we could park the car and camp on the Sunday night.  We had no idea it was on the actual route!  Yes we are lucky!

We decided to put up the tents and then finish the walk.  Partly so we could have a few drinks in Cromer, without being in a rush to get back to the campsite, and also so we could dump the rucksacks.  A short lane lead into a housing estate and from this point the coast path followed the roads into Cromer.

Nearly there!
A short walk along the prom and the end was insight.  We couldn't see a sign marking the end (or start) of the Coast path, but the end of the peir was as good a plan as any!  finished! 

Touching the end of the pier!
As tradition dictates Fish and chips was the meal for the evening, followed by a couple of pints.  Manor Farm campsite was again a great site with the best showers seen on a campsite, ever!

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