Saturday, 22 June 2013

#6 Norfolk Coast Day 3

Stiffkey - Weybourne

13.02 Miles
70 metres

After a night of troubled sleep (condensation, heavy rain, repeated deflating of airmat) we woke to more rain, and in typical fashion we started slowly with a lazy breakfast and slow packing up.  However our slow start had the inadvertent consequence of allowing the showers to pass and giving us an OK weather window to walk in!  I'd like to say it was planned...

The walk follows a good path between the coast and the marshes.  It was quiet and everything was feeling Ok.  I had a small blister under one toe and one on the opposite heel, but nothing much to worry about.  The rain began to threaten again, but as soon as the waterproofs were on, the rain had gone.

Morston appears quite suddenly, with a small sailing 'harbour' and a convenient café!  It wasn't quite lunch time but we took the chance to sit down and grab a pork pie and sausage roll.  It was noticeable how windy it was, with a various baked goods being pushed along the picnic table!

Cley Windwill
The path between Morston and Blakeney was partially closed as they are raising the sea wall and redoing the path on top.  The diversion takes you up to the main road and along there.  However some locals told us no one was working in the fenced off section and that most people ignored the diversion.  Who are we to argue?  With my typical grace, it was over a fence and along the new wall.  Of course I suggest you follow the diversion!

Blakeney was a nice small town with signs that it was once a bit bigger with a commercial port that was now mainly used by pleasure craft.  The path again took a high level sea wall round to Cley Next The Sea.  Things were going well (apart from a camera malfunction) and we had a 10 minute break at Cley. 

Even the Dog looks tired!
The next section was a bit different and while it afforded some great views, didn't make great walking!  4 miles along a shingle beach is hard work on a normal day, with a pack and tired feet it proved to be quite torturous.  And every time you think you have hit 'soil' it soon ends and casts you back into shingle.

I was loving it, can't you tell?
I was feeling a tad tired by now, and the sun came out to add to our torture!  My feet hurt and I hit a bit of a wall.  Weybourne was a nice village and we had intended to eat in the pub, but with it being a Saturday they were quite booked up unless we ate early.  It didn't give us much time, so an alternate plan was hatched with the once a week pizza takeaway that pops up on a Saturday in the local corner shop.

And it goes on...
The campsite at Foxhills was approx. a mile off the coast path, but was again very good. I was after I had put up the tent that I inspected my feet, and it was a lot worse than expected!  The right heel had a nice big bubble the size of 2-3 50 pence pieces!  Ouch!


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