Sunday, 9 June 2013

#2 Twinwood & Clapham Park

8.2 Miles
149 Metres

Another day and another walk around the Twinwood area.  I'm afraid I might be doing this quite a lot!  Due to working shifts I often don't get out of bed till late, and in the past this has meant I don't go out for a walk as I can't be bothered to plan a route or drive anywhere.  So heading north from home, out towards Twinwoods is pretty much the only option (unless I walk more on the roads).

Today was pretty much my 'normal' route, with a slight variation towards the end.  I added 3/4's of a mile onto the route by walking round Clapham Park.  In theory (according to Satmap) the path cut through a wood and into open fields.  It looks like the woods have been allowed to expand a little (up to date maps show this!), so I ended up walking through more woods than planned as it was getting dark....  But it was good to get out in the sun beforehand!

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