Friday, 21 June 2013

#5 Norfolk Coast Day 2

Burnham Deepdale - Stiffkey

14.61 Miles
41 metres

We had a late and lazy start to the day, after last nights rush, by making use of the café for a relaxing breakfast.  We also bought a guide book to solve our map deficiency!  Whilst the walk was very well sign posted, I always quite like to know where I am.  It's also useful for estimating times and distances to the nearest ice cream stall or pub.

The weather was OK but rain was again forecast.  Setting off from Burnham Deepdale the path follows the sea defences round the marshes and reclaimed land.  The vantage point of being on the sea wall was a running theme of the middle 2 days of this walk, and gave great views all around.

The sea wall took the path into Burnham Overy Staithe, a nice small village with a harbour.  As we had walked about 3 miles we took the chance to have a break, a stark change from the day before. 

The path was soon back upon a sea wall as we headed towards the dunes and beach at Holkham.  The beach at Holkham is a good 3-4 miles long, but the good news is that you only half to walk along half of it.  We opted to walk nearer the sea along the harder sand.  It was still harder work than the previous sections, as walking with packs tended to make you sink just that little more.

Soon after coming off the beach we had lunch along the edge of the woods.  It was very noticeable how sheltered the path is behind the tall pine trees.  Much warmer and muggy.  In summer this section could prove arduous due to the heat.  The lunch break allowed for a bit of foot repair and refuelling.

The beach and woods of Holkham were fairly quiet, but as we approached Wells-Next-The-Sea it became much busier.  The sea defences are higher and much more noticeable on the walk towards the harbour. Wells was the biggest town of the day and had more of a seaside tourist town feel.

After an ice cream and a stop to pick up some cider for the evening, we carried on the walk.  It was at this point that the sun came out and it suddenly became quite warm.  After 11 miles of walking the extra heat wasn't that welcome, although we again avoided the forecast rain. 

High Sand Creek was the destination and we had hit upon another good campsite, although a lot busier due to being that start of the weekend.  The rain held off until about 10pm, however the night was much 'heavier' and the rain during the night knocked off so much condensation that I thought my tent had sprung a leak!

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