Friday, 28 June 2013

Norfolk Coast Path

Well the walk is done and dusted and my foot is still sore and knackered.  All in all I'd say this is a good walk with a great variety of coastline to walk along.  It's better than the Peddars way in terms of variety and facilities (campsites, shops, ice cream).  Some sections are surprisingly hard work, especially the shingle!

Going into this walk I've lost weight and actually done some walks in advance, almost training!  So it was good to note that I felt 'better' in the legs, and I didn't really suffer any major aches or pains.  After other multiday walks I've had to hit the ibuprofen hard and felt very stiff.  However, my feet suffered a bit more than usual, which is a slight worry.
I'm hoping as the weight comes down that my feet issues will get better.  I was about 136Kg on this walk, plus 12Kg rucksack, so I my theory goes that the heel blisters come from the weight, not any rubbing.  The blister itself stayed intact and only grew bigger, where a rubbing issues would of torn it off.  If anything I think the blister was in the usual place, and the action of walking was pumping the fluid up mu heel beneath the skin to form a big bubble.  Lovely!

My rucksack was about 12Kgs (in total), with 2 liters’ of water and about 1Kg of food and snacks.  I didn't 'scrimp' on what I took as much as I could of done, and had luxuries such as clean socks and pants everyday.  With a few changes I think I can get the base weight down to about 7-7.5Kgs, things like carrying nearly 1kgs of waterproofs spring to mind!

I need to do more and longer multiday walks and I'm happy that my legs had more miles in them.  The Ridgeway and Dales way are ideas for Autumn.  Let's see how that plan goes!

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