Thursday, 20 June 2013

#4 Norfolk Coast Day 1

Holme next to the Sea - Burnham Deepdale

10.71 Miles
81 metres

It was a slightly inauspicious start to the day, I was late packing, we got side tracked in Go Outdoors, didn't have a campsite for the last night, no plan for where to leave the car, a misread of how long the bus would take and I forgot the guidebook (hence the maps!).

Marsh and beach, needs a bit of sun!
So we didn't actually start the walk until 4.30 (despite leaving Bedford at 9) and didn't know how late the pub served food.  It was a bit of a rush and we didn't have time to hang around and admire the fact that it had stopped raining and it was a lovely evening.

Nick and myself had finished the Peddars way last year, so this section across the golf course was familiar,  James and Ollie Bobs (the collie) were new trail.  The walk along the dunes was quick and fairly easy, the path was obvious and well marked, the lack of maps didn't hinder us to much in fairness.

The raincoats were soon off, it was quite warm and the threat of rain had diminished.  We soon got round the headland, marshes to our right and gentle hills to the left.  Coming inland through Thornham, the path begins to climb gently inland.  The Coast was left after only about 3 miles, and the path took a long straight road inland. 

For the next (roughly) 3 miles the path follows field edges and farm tracks though fairly unremarkable countryside.  The inland diversion is to avoid the marshes and coast road.  It's a pity as it's probably the least inspiring section of the walk. 

The path made a left turn and headed towards Brancaster.   We was back on the coast, following duckboard tracks along the marsh edge.  This firm ground helped us put some good miles beneath our feet.  The rush was still on.

We emerged onto the coast road on the edge of Burnham Deepdale, our home for the night.  As it turned out, the pubs served food until 9, so we ended up being a bit too quick, completing the day in just over 3 hours.  To be fair this was a bit fast for me and my legs felt more fatigued than I had hoped.  Being lighter and slightly fitter than my last multiday walk last year, I may of under estimated this walk, despite being in flat Norfolk, it still was a decent mileage (for me) carrying packs.

Tent Porn!
We stayed at Burnham Deepdale campsite, and it was a great site.  Recommended.

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