Sunday, 26 May 2013

Keen Targhee II

Now Boots and shoes can be a tricky subject on forums and blogs.  It's a subject which seems to elicit strong views and opinions, shoes? boots? Leather? Gore-Tex? etc.  Any opinion on this subject should come with a clear health warning and disclaimer - My feet are personal, what works for me might be torture for you.

Now I love (and hate, but it's loving first) my Keen Targhee II's.  They fit my feet (Size 8 to 8.5 feet, usual shoe/boot size 9, wide fitting) quite perfectly.  I can wear them out of the box and do a good (8 miles +) walk without any issues.  No breaking in, no hassles.  I have worn them on the SWCP where the year before my boots caused me multiple blisters on the same section.

I like them immensely.  They just work for me. Just.

Now the hate.  The sole is a big weak spot.  It wears down far to easily.  I doubt I have done 200 miles in my current pair, yet the sole is showing big signs of damage and wear.  The uppers look new (despite my aversion to cleaning them), yet the sole looks like I have done 1000 miles and should be on the way out.

My last pair got sent back to the store for replacement for this very issue.  So this is my second pair, and both did similar mileage over similar terrain, i.e UK footpaths.  I might not send this pair back as I can see this happening time after time.

Will I buy more?  Yes, for me the comfort and lack of blisters outweighs the lack of endurance.  If Keen could sort of the sole endurance they would be perfect.  As it is, I do question whether I should buy more, but like I said the Comfort outweighs the cost (just).

Disclaimer 1 -  I am A fat guy, I weigh over 20 stone, therefore I will cause more damage/stress on the sole of a boot.  How much more, I have no idea.

Disclaimer 2 - I bought these shoes out of my own cash.


  1. I loved my Keens - they were so comfortable. But I think they messed up my feet and I'm still paying for it 2 years later. Never again.

  2. I love my Keens too. Mine have a good 300 miles on them and seem to be fine. I don't know how much 20 stone is (i'll go google it) but I am fat too. I wonder why mine seem to hold up longer. What kind of terrain are UK footpaths? Are they rough or smooth?

  3. A stone = 14 pounds = 6.35 Kg's.

    So 20 stone is 280lb+. The paths are generally varied from mud tracks and grass to tarmac. They have a few more miles in them, but it's noticeable the difference between them and my everyday Merrell's.