Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#34 Brampton Wood + Grafham Water

14 Miles
144 metres Ascent

I really wasn't in the walking mood.  4 hours sleep then into work for a 2 hour team meeting wasn't the ideal preparation.  I had taken the walking gear to work so the nagging in my head took control and off the Grafham we went.  I had a walk in mind, a variation of the usual Grafham loop, that had appeared in 'Country Walking'.  It was tagged as challenging, though this was just because of the distance (8-10 miles is CW's standard distance). 

Starting in Brampton Wood, Cambridgeshire's 2nd largest wood no less, the walk followed the 'main ride' through the ancient woodland.  Apparently the wood was completely felled during one of the world wars, so I'm not sure how it qualifies as ancient, I guess I'm missing something?  After 10 minutes I broke out of the wood into farmland, maybe being Cambridgeshire's 2nd largest wood isn't the highest bar...

I was very nice and pleasant though, and very quiet.  I saw 1 person in this area all day.  Following a bridlepath towards Grafham I soon joined the 3 shires way, also a bridlepath.  The path was in surprisingly good condition despite all the rain recently.

Brampton Wood
From this point the walk follows the standard Grafham loop.  Being a weekday towards winter the path was quiet with only a couple of dog walkers and a group of kids on a bike tour.  The kids had obviously been briefed on countryside etiquette as I got 10 'Good afternoons' each time they passed me. (I overtook them a few times as they were not fluent cyclist's, not due to my great walking speeds!).

At 14 miles the walk was about right for me at this time, I took 4 hrs and 30 mins, with 2 10 minutes breaks, so could do longer with a bit better pacing and lunch!  I was rushing a little as I was racing the light, as it was I got back to the car pretty much bang on sunset.  That will teach me not to take the torch out of the bag the night before....!

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