Saturday, 30 November 2013

#35 Watergrove and Clay Pots Hill

7.64 Miles
485 Metres Ascent

It was an early start on a cold day.  I was out before 8am into a cold dawn.  The thermometer said 2 degrees C and it certainly had a chill to it.  This was a quick walk with the limited time I had available, it was the Rugby World Cup final in the afternoon so I was off to Old Trafford for the first time in years.

The plan was to head to Watergrove then follow the Pennine Bridleway towards Clay hill, a quick stop at the shelter and then back to the Bridleway.  For once I followed the plan!

The sky was clear and despite the cold and wind chill I soon warmed up.  Those hills do that to you.  The views over Manchester were fairly good, but a haze stopped it being a perfect view.  A quick stop at the shelter before I was back on the move.  As usual it was very quiet which made it a great morning stroll!

I would love to have these hills on my doorstep.  Maybe I'll return north in a few years? 

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