Monday, 4 November 2013

Challenge Update - Work to live? or...

Work to live? or... live to work?

It's come up in my mind a few times this month!  Due to staff shortages there is plenty of overtime available and I have grabbed quite a few extra shifts.  This has the obvious knock on that I have little time to go for a walk.  Doing 8 twelve hour shifts in a row is probably too much, especially as it was 4 days then 4 nights. 

In the end I did 3 walks, which is rubbish.  The plan for next year is the JMT in America, 3 walks will not cut it on the training front.  I could of done more, I should of done more.

October - 27.97 miles and 643metres ascent.

September - 71.40 miles and 4129 metres ascent.
August - 62.63 miles and 913 metres ascent.
July - 16.24 miles and 258 metres ascent.
June -  82.05 miles and 1063 metres ascent.


  1. Don't get too down about it - work life balance and walk life balance are both important!

    At the moment I'm neither walking nor working, but I aim to put both right as soon as possible! :-)

  2. The good news is that I still averaged 11800 steps a day according to the wonderful Fitbit. I am misbalanced at the moment, but I do need the cash for a few trips next year. Plus new walking clothes as I've lost weight!

    Hope you get out and about soon!